Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visit to the Eye Doctor Video (like a video Social Story)

A video for children about a visit to the eye doctor. It has great pictures and is very child-friendly (narrated by a child). It would be great for preparing for a visit to the eye doctor. There were only a few things I didn't like about it. The video talks about how scary the child thought his first visit would be. He ends up realizing it wasn't scary, but my son seemed a little unsettled when he was hearing those first statements. The child in the video also said some things (such as being afraid that the eye doctor would grab his eyes) that might make some kids nervous. The video also makes a clear point that going to the eye doctor doesn't hurt and you don't get shots like at the "regular" doctor. I thought this might make some kids more nervous about going to their regular doctor. I would watch it first and decide if you think it would help your child. Overall, my son liked the video and I think it is helping prepare him for going with me to my appointment.


  1. Very cute and surprisingly informative video, thanks a lot for sharing! This should be shown to parents, kids and even ophthalmologists to teach them how to properly handle kids who might be scared of having their check-ups. I understand that Dr. Alan Carlson at the Duke Eye Center is also really good with kids.

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