Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electricity Safety Game

Another request from Positively Autism's Facebook page was a Social Story for electricity safety. I'm not an expert in this topic, so I didn't feel comfortable writing one. Instead, I found an interactive online electricity safety game on the website of Austin Energy. I can't guarantee that it will cover all the bases of electricity safety or that it will meet your child's learning needs, but I do think it's a good resource to check out and see if it meets your needs.

Some of the games I looked at had pictures of things that were unsafe to do, and the child needed to click on the unsafe things to identify them. However, I didn't link to one of these because I don't like to show my students incorrect examples. Some of them memorize things the first way they see them, so I don't want them seeing an unsafe example first. The game linked below does show an unsafe situation, but it allows you to click on the safe response to the situation, and shows the safe outcome, so I think this is better.

More electricity safety info can be found here: recommends...
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