Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Writing Journal Template and Journal Topic Ideas for Kids with Autism

From Teachers Pay Teachers:

This is a blank journal template that can be used for a daily or weekly journal page for kids in kindergarten, first grade, or kids with autism. The template has a space to write the date, write the topic, write sentences or words related to the topic, and a blank box to draw a picture related to the topic. I have included over 110 journal topic ideas as well since it can be hard to come up with topics on the fly!

A teacher can work with the class to come up with sentences about the topic and write the journal on the board. Then kids can copy the sentences onto the journal template and draw their own picture. This can also be used at a literacy center, or as part of a daily work routine for kids who can complete journals independently. To aid in more independent journal writing, for each topic, a picture can be posted and clue words can be given that need to be included in the journal. I have included 4 samples of this as well.


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