Monday, August 23, 2010

Autism Guide for Lunch and Recess Aides

Another great resource guide from Autism Speaks! Specific lunch and recess tips begin on page 9 of the guide. recommends...

Laptop Lunch B630 Bento System 2.0, Blue/Lime Alien
Laptop Lunch System

"As an employee of Laptop Lunches, I wanted to share a great success story from one of our customers with an Autistic child. Her son has multiple food allergies and autism. He loves to have his food ‘framed’ for him in little boxes… Before they purchased the Laptop Lunch System, they didn't realize how much they would use it… They have taken it to restaurants, where he often can't eat the foods available or can only enjoy a limited selection. They have also taken it to Occupational Therapy appointments, where he has feeding therapy, and to picnics in the park. He just loves his lunch box, and he eats more than he would with just a brown bag lunch."
--Laurel Hillerson, Obentec, Inc.

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